• Kills 99.99% of all harmful viruses (including Covid), bacteria, the common cold/flu and various germs – Laboratory proven
  • Approximately 100 times more effective than commonly used gels including standard household cleaning products and alcohol-based hand sanitisers.
  • 360° Degree sterilisation
  • Safer – non flammable, chemical free, safe on the face & hands and non corrosive. PH Neutral.
  • Built-in timer and Remote control operated
  • Quiet operation & Mains operated
  • Fine Micro Droplets so no leftover residue on electronics, surfaces or screens
  • Simple to use & Time Saving as it is quicker than doing it all by hand
  • No mess or pungent smell
  • 3 Output Options & 13 Litre Capacity
  • Dries quickly to the touch and no sticky residue
  • Kind on the planet and environment

MIST-IFY Midi Multi-Function Sanitiser Unit. This unit does not use steam, it is a cold fine mist spray.

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